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Guitar Onee-----------------------------------------------------|b-----------------------------------------------------|g-88-8-8----9-9--9--9---66-6-6---44-4-4---------------| X4D-99-9-9---1010-10-10---77-7-7---55-5-5---------------|A-00-0-0----0-0--0--0---00-0-0---00-0-0---------------|E-----------------------------------------------------|
Guitar Twoe-----------------------------------------------------|b-----------------------------------------------------|g-55-5-5-5-1010-10-10-10--99-9-9-9--77-7-77777--------| X4D-55-5-5-5-1010-10-10-10--99-9-9-9--77-7-77777--------|A-33-3-3-3--9-9--9--9--9--77-7-7-7--57-5-55555--------|E-33-3-3-3--9-9--9--9--9--77-7-7-7--55-5-55555--------| .. . . . . . . .. . . .. .
This Side Down Is Just getting started we been looking for a drumer and bass If your are a good and serious player email me at Falloutboy_meets_rufio@yahoo.com have fun. I heard This year Rufio is the best, their video for white lights kicked ass keep an eye them.
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