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FAN FORCED- Use The fan force
New artisis
This is a new song from an awesome band i saw at a party. they are basicaslly unknown
but a particularly flamboyant band, the lead guitarist is hot. The bass player is
always late. Check it out

Intro1st Guitar ( Drop D) Riff 1e --9---11----12----11----7-----|b -9---9----9-----9-----9---9---|G ------------------------------| Repeat 4 timesD ------------------------------|A ------------------------------|D ------------------------------|
2nd Guitar ( Drop D tuning DADGBe) Riff 2e -------------------------------------------------|b -------------------------------------------------|G -------------------------------------------------|D -9--11--9--12--9--11--9--9--7--7--7--------------|A -9--11--9--12--9--11--9--9--7--7--7--------------|D -9--11--9--12--9--11--9--9--7--7--7--------------|
e -------------------------------------------------|b -------------------------------------------------|G ----------------------------9--9--9--------------|D -9--11--9--12--9--11--9--9--9--9--9--------------|A -9--11--9--12--9--11--9--9--7--7--7--------------|D -9--11--9--12--9--11--9--9-----------------------|
Play second guitar riff with first riff four times the verse is the second riff palm muted played eight with the ist riff played over the fourth and eighth time CHORUS
e -------------------------------------------------|b -------------------------------------------------|G -------------------------------------------------|D -9--0--0--11--11--12--12--11--7--7--9------------|A -9--0--0--11--11--12--12--11--7--7--9------------|D -9--0--0--11--11--12--12--11--7--7--9------------|
'use the fan force' The solo by the lead guitarist is a mystery to me its so fast and lightning reminds me alot of Angus Young. The drum solo is another wonder much like chris Slade.
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