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Too Heiß For Eis - Jussé-tribute
group: Too heiß for eis, it is a new group that really exists because it is my own group
but it's really fun to play. I hope you enjoy, than I can put other songs of us here, we
have allready 13 recorded on pc, but soon there will be 18. Have fun!
So this is one of the 20songs we havr

actually our group name is spelled with an "umlaut"
, it's a kind of soft "s" from German language. We ourself are from Belgium!!!
site: http://groups.msn.com/jussebrothers
name: Ewaldinho

verse: (palm muted)e:--------------------------------------|B:--------------------------------------|G:55555555-5555-7777--------------------|D:55555555-3333-5555-55555555-3333-5555-|A:33333333-----------33333333-3333-5555-|E:----------------------------1111-3333-|
bridge: (palm muted)e:--------------------------------------|B:--------------------------------------|G:--------------------------------------|D:---------3333-5555--------------------|A:33333333-----------33333333-----------|E:----------------------------1111-3333-|
song: -intro -verse -chorus -intro -verse -chorus -intro -verse -bridge -chorus Rhat's it!!! easy!!! Enjoy
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