Misc Unsigned Bands - Too Hei For Eis - Maxell tab

group: Too Heiß For Eis
Song: Maxell

This is the first song ever made, and recorded, by this group.
It's easy but the part at the end is really awsome!!!!
Tabbed by Ewaldinho (again)

e:------|B:------|G:------|D:----7-|A:--7---| This is constantly played fatser and faster untillE:5-----| you get to A5
e:-------------------------------------|B:-------------------------------------|G:-------------------------------------|D:77777777-55555555-3333-5555-77777777-|A:77777777-55555555-3333-5555-77777777-| E:55555555-33333333-1111-3333-55555555-|
e:-----------------------------------------------|B:-----------------------------------------------|G:7-9-77-5-55555555----77777777-1414141414141414-|D:7-9-77-5-55555555----77777777-1414141414141414-|A:5-7-55-3-33333333-*3-55555555-1212121212121212-| E:-----------------------------------------------|
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