Misc Unsigned Bands - Too Hei For Eis - Just Another Night tab

Too Heiß For Eis - King Of The Heros

group: Too heiß for eis, it is a new group that really exists because it is my own group
but it's really fun to play. I hope you enjoy, than I can put other songs of us here.
I have allready 6songs now!
We have also a new site: http://groups.msn.com/TwoHeisForEis
name: Ewaldinho

bridge: palm mutede:------------------------|B:------------------------|G:44444-44444-55555-44444-|D:44444-44444-55555-44444-|A:22222-22222-33333-22222-|E:------------------------|
song: -intro (clean) -chorus (distortion) -bridge (distortion) -verse (distortion) -chorus (distortion) -intro (distortion) enjoy
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