Misc Unsigned Bands – Fracas - Pleasure Chair Acoustic tab

this is a easy but great song to learn for the kids at home 
fracas is great new band who is starting to rise to the top the band members are all
from Charlotte N.C. Vocals: Tylor Richmond Guitar: David Kopsick Drummer: Alex Padgett

Song:Pleasure Chair (Acoustic)

I---------------------II---------------------II-7777-5555-4444-3333-I 4xI-7777-5555-4444-3333-II-5555-3333-2222-1111-II---------------------I
I-3-3-3-322h33-II-3-3-3-333-33-II-0-0-2-222-22-I 10XI-0-2-0--------II-2-3----------II-3------------I
Lyrics: uno,dos,cuatro, cinco oh, Lazy boy where did you go? I your steps back to the dumpster and your gone how do I react, when your leaving me with a regular seat my feet are soar my back herts mind about to explode where did my recliner go?.... but seriuosly I need you back because I left my keys in your cusion and I need to get into my house oh lazy boy I need you back so I can relax just pull the leaver for pleasure (leaver pleasure) and I'll be back with you remember the good times the good times the good times the good times..... thats it, the best song from the best band Fracas guitar: david kopsick vocals: tylor richmond
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