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			     Still - The Veggies
Tabbed by:es


This song is sung in our graduation. The band consists of filipino members all in
college now. great song...
this tab is 100% accurate. I asked the guitarist herself.


I.Things may change
Em      C  D
We need to move on
G            Em  
Like FRIENDS that come and go
C              D
Someday we may part
Em                Bm
But still, you'll always
Em                Am       Dsus
Remain here in my mind and heart

II.Seasons change
Persons go
C                Dsus
Once Part of our lives
G             En
Branching out our own ways
C              D
Someday we may part
Em                  Bm    Em               D       
But still we'll always never gonna say goodbye

	G      F#m       Bm    
CHORUS: Good Life...Good love
Em            Am         D  (then repeat chorus chords)
Now we bid ourselves goodbye

Once we've shared, we've loved

Distance can't separate us

        Em        Bm  
Bridge: Tears may fall
Em          Am       D
I'll Surely miss you all
Em           Bm
You made me strong
Em		D hold--
Made my spirit grow

I'll be living my life on my own

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