Misc Unsigned Bands – Paperback Denials - Undenying Hue tab

Paperback Denials
Undenying Hue
"Undenying Hue" Album
Standard Tuning 
E A D G B e

hey guys this song is really rocks, although its beat is somewhat slow but the lyric
content and the sound is really great. i hope this band will have more album. I've just
listen this song from the radio and it was hard to tab. luckyly my friends from manila
got me a cd from the band. easy chords though and i think its 99% accurate, as for the
solo i'll post it on next time. mabuhay ang pinoy!

Chords Used C D A9 D* Ee|-0--0--0--2--0 B|-0--0--0--3--0G|-5--7--2--2--1D|-5--7--2--0--2A|-3--3--0--0--2E|-0--0--0--0--0
C D A picture of you C D A thousand words about it C D I hand it all to you C D You don't seem so amuse C D I find it hard to tell you C D I wrote it all myself C D But you tore it all apart C D You tore it all apart A9 D* E Just another photograph A9 D* E A photograph of you A9 D* E A picture worth a thousand word A9 D* E Undenying hue A9 D* E Just another photograph A9 D* E A photograph of you A9 D* E I printed all the negatives A9 D* E Just to find what's true A9 D* E A photo made of paperback A9 D* E Images of you C D And it's all said and done C D I picked up the pieces C D You thrown it all away C D You thrown it all away A9 Images of you D* Undenyinghue E A picture made of paperback A9 hold picture me and you This is my first tab for this band, a indie band in philippines. such a drmatic song more like and emo type but it is still rock. email me for comments about this tab rc_allstars@yahoo.com thank you and please rate this.
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