Misc Unsigned Bands - White Shadow - The Surfers Riff tab

white shadow is my garage band that i formed with my frends i wanted to share our new
song surfers riff with you 

by will stratton(main singer of band)

any questions? paragrintook@hotmail.com

|----------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------| /____|-2(x8)-5(x8)-0(x8)-2(x8)2(x8)-5(x8)-0(x8)-2--2--2--2| \ |
|-------------------------------0-| | |-------------------------------0-| ||-------------------------------0-| ||-------------------------------2-|x8-----------------------|-------------------------------2-||-002030-53-002030-53-002030-53---| /\ bridge /| \ | |__________________|
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