Misc Unsigned Bands - Say Anything - All My Friends tab

Say Anything is...
Max Bemis (guitar, vocals, etc.)
Coby Linder (Drums)
Kevin Seaton (Bass)
Casper Adams (Guitar).

Say Anything's debut, a punk rock musical, titled "Say Anything Is A Real Boy."
will be out August 3rd, 2004 on Doghouse Records. The album was produced by Tim O'Heir
(Superdrag, Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, All American Rejects) and Stephen Trask (Hedwig and
The Angry Inch) http://www.sayanythingmusic.com
"All My Friends" by Say Anything

e |-----------------------------|B |-----------------------------|G |---7-------------------------|D |---7--5--9--7--5-------------| A |---5--5--9--7--5-------------|E |------3--7--5--3-------------|
e |-----------------------------------------------------------|B |-----------------------------------------------------------|G |--7--------------------------------------------------------|D |--7-7--5--7------------------------------------------------|A |--5-7--5--7------------------------------------------------|E |----5--3--5------------------------------------------------|
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