Misc Unsigned Bands – Underdogs - Dreaming Of You tab

Band: The Underdogs
Song: Dreaming of You (Coral Cover)
Tabber: Daniel Young

Intro: Bass Enters

|-2-2---2-2--|------------||----2-----2-|-3-3---3-3--||------------|----3-----3-||------------|------------| x2
Verse 1: Am It's up in my F heart when it skips a beat Am F Can't feel no pavement right under my feet Chorus: C Up in my lonely room G F When I'm dreaming of you Am Oh what can I do F I still need you, but Am F E I don't want you now Verse 2: Am F When I'm down and my hands are tied (hands are tied) Am F I cannot reach a pen for me to draw the line (draw the line) Am F From this pain I just can't disguise Am F Its gonna hurt but I'll have to say goodbye Chorus Solo:
Am F Am F Chorus
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