Misc Unsigned Bands – Mr President - Michael Madsen tab

                           Michael Madsen - Mr. President
Tabbed by:  Whip Durall & Bret McDowell
Email:  TenaciousMe170@hotmail.com

Tuning:  Drop D

INTRO:e|---------------------------|B|---------------------------| play this 12 times before distortion comesG|---------------------------| in on 2nd guitar. 2nd guitar will alsoD|----0-----0---0------------| come in to play a little diddy on the 6thA|------0-3---5--------------| time you playD|---0-----------------------|
GUITAR 2:e|----------------------------| come in on the 6th time guitar 1 playsB|----------------------------| its little diddy and make sure you comeG|----------------------------| into the song playing on time with the D|--------3------------3-^5555| 1st guitar. After 12th time you play thisA|----3-5---5-3-5---3-5-------| go into dist. and play same thing for 4xD---0--------------0----------|
GUITAR 2 CHORUS:e|------------------------------------------| play the 1st chord and waitB|------------------------------------------| for guitar 1 to finish thereG|--2-----------5-----------7------------9--| bit and come in with the 2ndD|--2-----------5-----------7------------9--| chord and do the same as the A|--------------3-----------5------------7--| before mentioned.D-------------------------------------------|
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