Misc Unsigned Bands - X-it - Warrior tab

This my favourite band, they are hometown unsung heroes! they playin
the local pub and other venues. this is my third attempt at tabbin.
lyrics and song included.

Tabbed by njdmaster


C  C CCCC  A  A AAAA  Em  Em EmEmEmEm  E  E EEEE (pause for 3 secs)


 D            D
Madness has started
 C            C
I'm under a bridge
 A           A
Falcons above me
 Em             Em
I'm colder than a fridge
 A            A
The sun then came out
 Am        Am
I then warmed up
                                 F F FFFF
And then something told me......


C        D
I'm a warrior
A    A        E   E           
Searchin' for miles
C       D             A  A     E  E
Don't understand what I'm looking for
D                                        CCC DDD AAA EEE DDD AAA E
Try to cry out, (pause) to the heavens above

Verse 2

 D            D
Walking the jungle
 C            C
Swimmin' the sea
 A               A
Scorchin' the desert
 Em           Em
As fast as can be
 A             A
Scaring the darkness 
 Am          Am
jumping the lake
                                F F FFFF
And then something told me......



I'm nearly there
Waiting for surprise


Chorus x2

Finishing note

C C C   D D D  A
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