Misc Unsigned Bands - Basement Window - The Confused Days tab

This band was formed by elementary school friends that were hardcore about guitar. He
were first foud practicing by a peeper in the basement window so there is our name. We
have had fun writing songs and we have only 1 final song. We have thousands of rough
copys and we are thinking of having an MP3 recorded or a single. We have a bass player,
2 lead guitars, and a novice drum player. This is a final copy of our first song. We
started when we got our first guitar and have inproved. This song was inspired because
I was very confused with life for about 2 weeks. This is my first tab and our first song.
Lyrics will be provided. 

Standard Tuning

  ~ - Vibrato
  === - let note fade out

  Intro/Verse 1 and 2 and 3

|e----333333----6----5-------------------------------------| x 6 each time |B----555555----8----7-------------------------------------| x 4 for intro |G---------------------------------------------------------| |D---------------------------------------------------------| |A---------------------------------------------------------| |E---------------------------------------------------------|
|e----333333--5555555--333333--777777----6--6--6----5--5--5| |B----555555--7777777--333333--999999----8--8--8----7--7--7| |G---------------------------------------------------------| |D---------------------------------------------------------| |A---------------------------------------------------------| |E---------------------------------------------------------|
|e----333333----6----5-------------------------------------| |B----555555----8----7-------------------------------------| |G---------------------------------------------------------| |D---------------------------------------------------------| |A---------------------------------------------------------| |E---------------------------------------------------------|
============= |e----333333----6----5~~~~~~-------------------------------| |B----555555----8----7~~~~~~-------------------------------| |G---------------------------------------------------------| |D---------------------------------------------------------| |A---------------------------------------------------------| |E---------------------------------------------------------|
Order/Lyrics Intro Verse 1 We're in the confused days Where everythings insane We're in the confused days where upsidedown is right side up and left is right and right is left.. up is down and down is up We're in the confused days i sit back wondering where i am my mind is full with doubt there is nothing i can do because We're in the confused days Verse 2 i wish we could start again play this world over and start new and fresh i wish everything was right now and nothing seemed to be entangled in my life my life is overturned nothing seems to be able to get it back the darkness controls my every move i try to escape these wretched days but nothing works and now im screwed because Chorus im runnin away, someone tell me my name please im runnin out of this place, my mind is confused enough im runnin out of these confused days Verse 3 this life doesn't seem too right, i cant sit still enough to sacrifice my mind. i cant believe im stuck in this world where everything is an opposite nothing is right side up. through these days i walk alone waiting for the days to set my brain straight.. i cant see straight anymore... life is not normal i cant live my life the way i want because of the confused days Outro (Intro x 2 with fade out vibrato on last note)
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