Misc Unsigned Bands - Someones Back Up Band - Anal Dwelling Butt Monkey tab

Someone's Back-Up Band (or SBUB) is a new band who formed on October 21, 2004
There are currently four members (but their real names are anonymous):
1. "Chess Piece Face" on vocals, guitar, sax, recorder, bass, drums and keyboard,
2. "Contortionist" on keyboard and trumpet
3. a redhead on vocals
4. "Christoph" on weird, off-key singing

This song hasn't been released publicly yet. But it will be released in a matter of 
The chords are simple, just G, C, D7.

G                         C
Anal dwelling butt monkey you are my friend
G                     D7
We will be together until the world ends
G                         C
Anal dwelling butt monkey you are my friend
G                  D7      -        -        G
When you want to go home I touch my toes and bend

Verse 1:
G                       G                          C  D7
You're brown and white, you really put up a fight
You're skinny and soft, you live inside of my butt


Verse 2:
G                     C
You're covered in goo and you smell like poo
G              D7
You hop around covered in brown
G                C                          D
You hit on girls and steal their pearls for meeeeeeeee!


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