Misc Unsigned Bands - Black Rain - Dead Dragonfly tab

Band:Black Rain
Song:Dead Dragonfl

Used Chords: Bb C D F A EE-----------------------------------------------|H-----------------------------------------------|G--3333----5555----7777-------------------------|D--3333----5555----7777----3333----7777----2222-|A--1111----3333----5555----3333----7777----2222-|E--------------------------1111----5555----0000-|
Bb C Dm FE--------------------------------|H--------------------------------|G------3-------5-------7---------|D----3---3---5---5---7-------3---|A--1-------3-------5-------3---0-|E------------------------1-------|
D/Dm A/Am C Bb FE-----------------------------------|H-----------------------------------|G--77777777----------55555555-33----|D--77777777-77777777-55555555-33-33-|A--55555555-77777777-33333333-11-33-|E-----------55555555-------------11-|
Chorus:(Heavy Distortion)
Verse Bridge Chorus interlude:(Heavy Distortion)
Lyrics: Verse: As so much time I`m here and I`m waiting Why am i still alive My life is a mixture of feelings more than they are sad And i cry lud I`m here and I`m waiting I don`t know what´s wrong with me I think abaut my life Chorus: And I cry loud I`m here and I`m waiting, my eyes are sad and I feel so alone a dead dragonfly teched me to live I`m not like them, I`m not different Verse 2: Now it`s time to be valiant I wont be afraid of my friends It`s time to find a sens for my life who knows why I`m here It`s incredible but lifes are sad all they ends with the death who knows where my spirit goes when my spirit will die Interlude: And i hate this people (who)lives me alone i will beat them and do them bad a dead Dragonfly showed me to live Yeah I`m really different this tabs are perfekt because this song is writing by me personal
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