Misc Unsigned Bands – Black Rain - Wonderful Times tab

Band:Black Rain
Song:Wonderful Times

Intro:(heavy distortion)

E----------------------------|H----------------------------|G----------9-11---------11-9-|D--9x9x999-9-11-9x9x999-11-9-| Repeat this 2 timesA--9x9x999-7-9--9x9x999-9--7-|E--7x7x777------7x7x777------|
Verse:(medium distortion)
E------------------------|H------------------------|G----------11------9-----|D--9-------11 x14--9-x14-| Repeat this 2 timesA--9 x14---9-------7-----|E--7---------------------|
Chorus:(heavy distortion)
E-----------------------|H-----------------------|G-------9999-11----9999-|D--9999-9999-11-x4-9999-| repeat this 4 timesA--9999-7777-9-----7777-|E--7777-----------------|
Bridge: The same Chords as in the Intro Verse Chorus Bridge Interlude:
E-----------------------------------------------------------|H--13----15----13---------------------10----12----10--------|G--------14----12----13------------------- 11----9---------|D--12----14-x4-12-x4-12----11----11----9----11-x4-9-x4-9----|A--12-x4-12----10----12-x4-11-x1-11-x1-9-x4-9-----7----9-x4-|E--10----------------10----9-----8-----7---------------7----|
medium distortion
Drum Roll Chorus:(heavy distortion) Lyrics: Verse: Could you remember it was two years ago so wonderful times how we had and now i`m here and feel me so confused cause my friend is gone and i will cry Chorus: To cry to cry I know it was wonderful so ever so never want to get them back if they would know how I feel now let get me back Verse: Together we had so much things to do I told them so confused That I was mad So much time I was here and played with them so we said never leave Wow I´m sad The tabs and the lyrics are 100% exact ´casue we wrote them alone. By Brian Zoro & Alessandro Santoro (Black Rain)
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