Misc Unsigned Bands - Hidden Soul - Lovette tab

                     Hidden Soul - Lovette

they are a band from lehighton, PA  adn they play around the states their website
adress is www.hiddensoul.net

Tabbed by: D...Rubin
Email: lilrubes@ptd.net
Tuning: Standard

Just to let you know I put the song into little sections. ATthe end of my tab i'll
tell you the order of the sections.  

Intro         Part A (all palm muted)

E|---------| |-----------------------|B|---------| |-----------------------|G|---------| |-----------------------|D|---------| |-----------------------|A|------7--| |----------5---------7--|E|--0-0----| |--0-0-0-0---0-0-0-0----|
Part B (x-palm muted), (1st half) x x x x x x x x x|----------------------------------|--------------------------------------||----------------------------------|--------------------------------------||----------------------------------|--10-10-8-8---------------------------||--5-5--5--5--7-7--7--7--9-9--9--9-|------------9-9-7---------------------||--0-0--0-----0-0--0-----0-0--0----|--------------------------------------||--0-0--0-----0-0--0-----0-0--0----|--------------------------------------|
Part B (2nd half)
Part C Part D Part E Part F
|------------------------| |-----| |--------| |-------------------||------------------------| |-----| |--------| |-------------------||------------------------| |-----| |--------| |-------------------||--4-4-4-4-4--6-6-6-6-6--| |--4--| |--6--8--| |-5-5-5-5-5-5-5--7--||--5-5-5-5-5--7-7-7-7-7--| |--5--| |--7--9--| |-6-6-6-6-6-6-6--8--||--7-7-7-7-7--9-9-9-9-9--| |--7--| |--0--0--| |-7-7-7-7-7-7-7--9--|
Part G Part H Part I
|-----| |--------| |-----||-----| |--------| |-----||-----| |--------| |-----||--7--| |--6--4--| |--6--||--8--| |--8--6--| |--7--||--9--| |--0--0--| |--8--|
Order of Parts A-until chorus Bx2 Cx2 Dx1 Ex2 Fx3 Gx1 Ax6(play the Ax6 and Hx1, 6 times) Hx1 Bx2 Cx2 Dx1 Ex2 Fx3 Gx1 Hx1 Play Part B the first half with the volume lower than usual Then quickly turn the volume back to normal and continue by playing part B the second half Bx1 Cx2 Dx1 I-???? alot of times Ax4 Hx1
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