Misc Unsigned Bands - Petrus - The Single tab

The single

          By Petrus                        New and up-coming irish rock band
          From Playschool
          Tabbed By Philip Cardiff

          Normal tuning

intro repeat for verse and bridge Am F C G e---0-----------1-------------0-----------3--| B---1-----------1-------------1-----------0--| G---2-----------2-------------0-----------0--| D---2-----------3-------------2-----------0--| A---0-----------3-------------3-----------2--| E---------------1-------------------------3--|
Dm E Dm C E e-----1------0---------------1--------0------0--| B-----3------0------3--0-----3--------1------0--| G-----2------1---------------2--------0------1--| D-----0------2---------------0--------2------2--| A------------2------------------------3------2--| E------------0-------------------------------0--|
Intro and verse played with palm muting
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