Misc Unsigned Bands - Never Mind - Sneezz tab

tuning:standard         this is a brand new band from arkansas straight from the under
ground and theyr pretty awesome!!

introe|-----------------------------------------|b|-----------------------------------------|g|-----------------------------------------| x2d|---------(7)------(5)------(3)-----------|(2)a|--000000---000000---000000---000000------|e|-----------------------------------------|
****** ****** ****** ******chorus|------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------||-------------------------------9797979----||--5-5-5-2---5-5-5-2---5-5-5-2---------9---| x3|--5-5-5-2---5-5-5-2---5-5-5-2-------------||--3-3-3-0---3-3-3-0---3-3-3-0-------------|
|-------------| |-------------|
|-------------| x4 on 4th time dont play 5 BRIDGE |--3/-4/-5/-5-| 5 |--3/-4/-5/-5-| 4 |--1/-2/-3/-4-|
then play the chorus then intro again and thats it
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