Misc Unsigned Bands - My Biggest Line - Its Never Getting Better tab

My Biggest Line is a solo acoustic guitar project of Phil Creamer of Thirdstring.
I came across his profile on PureVolume and started loving
his music, it's very popular and he has many followers.  

Song:  It's Never Getting Better
Artist:  My Biggest Line
Tabbed By: hybby (iamdrew@gmail.com)


Listen to the song for
the rhythm, it's easy.

Intro and Verse

e-|-----3-----3-----3---3--3--3---||B-|-----3-----3-----3---3--3--3--o||G-|-----0-----2-----0---0--0--0---|| Repeat throughoutD-|--0-----0-----2------0--0--0---|| verseA-|--2-----0-----2------3--2--0--o||E-|--3-----2-----0----------------||
G D/F# Em7 C C/B A ______ Chorus
e-|--3----3----3---------||B-|--3----3----3--------o||G-|--0----2----0---------|| Repeat for entire D-|--2----0----0---------|| chorusA-|--2----0----3--------o||E-|--0----2----x---------||
Em7 D/F# C I like adding a little fill on the last C, take the 3 on the top e to a 2, and play about with it. Not in the song but I like the sound. ______ Bridge Not sure about this...
e-|--3----3----3----3-----||B-|--3----3----3----3----o||G-|--0----0----0----0-----|| Repeat for entire D-|--2----0----0----2-----|| chorusA-|--0----3----2----2----o||E-|--x----x----3----0-----||
This doesn't go along with the track too much, I think he uses different voices or something, either that or it's just my guitar. Any corrections, please send them to me, I'd be grateful knowing how to play it right myself.
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