Misc Unsigned Bands - Malpractice - The Pope Is Dead tab

The Pope Is Dead - Written and Composed by Steve Hanson and Marcus Ford

Guitar 1 - Fender Stanguar (my custom guitarm use a Mustang, or Jaguar HH 
to get close to the same tome)
Guitar 2 - Fender Clonemaster (Marcus' custom guitar, sounds more like a 
Cyclone than a Jazzmaster, so use something that sounds like that)

Distortion throughout the song, played fast.

C5        D5        B          Bb
The Pope is dead and I don't care
C5        D5        B5         Bb
The pope is dead, spread the news everywhere
C5        D5        B          Bb
The pope is dead the catholics are crying
C5              D5             B            Bb
All through the churches bible thumpers are crying
C5        D5                     B             Bb
Why does everyone care, its just some old F*ck dying

        C5      D5          E5       Bb
Chorus: I hate churches, temples and religions
        C5              D5           E5       Bb
        I just, want to make, my own godd*mn  descisions
        C5         D5    E5         Bb
        I'll, just do,   whatever I feel
        C5         D5           E5                  Bb
        Why should I believe in something thats not real.

C5        D5        B          Bb
The pope is dead, and I'm alive
C5        D5        B          Bb
The pope is dead, I'm glad that he died
C5        D5        B          Bb
The pope was old and couldn't speak
C5        D5        B          Bb
He looked like he had a lobotomy

Chorus (x2)  

(note: B is played 422 and B5 is played 997 [DAE strings])

Once, again, this is my band Malpractice, Marcus and I wrote this around the pope's
death. Its very punk rock, and tons of fun to play
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