Misc Unsigned Bands - Death By Monkeys - My Best Friends A Terrorist tab

Song: My Best Friend A Terrorist
Band: Death by Monkeys
Tuning: Standard
Written By: Andrew Rivett & Chris French

This is a funny song that me and my friend wrote for our band. I hope you like it

It is essentially the same riff played over and over, one measure after each line.

For the final verse play;
Lyrics Verse 1: My best friend went to Iraq To meet his friend he called Sadam He gave him C4 and stuff To blow up the Prime Minister Chorus: My best friends a terrorist My best friends a pessimist My best friends an anrchist And he blew himself apart Oh man this really sucks He owed me twenty bucks He had the keys to my truck Then he went and blew himself apart Verse 2: They stole a grannys cars They filled it with C4 Drove it to the PMs house When he walked over they were blown apart Chorus Verse 3: Shrapnel flew through the air It hit a poler bear And know He's Dead Hope you like this song Cheers!
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