Misc Unsigned Bands - Death By Monkeys - Nerds tab

Song: Nerds
Band: Death by Monkeys
Tuning: Standard
Written By: Andrew Rivett & Chris French

This is a song me and my friend wrote for our band. Hope you like it.


e|-0-|B|-1-|G|-0-| Strum on Clean for the intro and verse (guitar 1)D|-2-|A|-3-|E|---|
e|----------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------|G|-Nerds!---Geeks!-----Chess-Club!------Freaks!-------| x (guitar 2)D|-------5--------3-3--------------2-2----------------| 2 A|-------5--------3-3--------------2-2----------------|E|-------3--------1-1--------------0-0----------4s6s4-|
Order\Lyrics: Intro Verse 1: They'll hang around With calculators Inventing discombobulators They watch TV for education Learnin' 'bout intracellulation Bridge Chorus: See above Verse 2: Tucked in shirts With pens in pockets Plans on how to build a rocket Bags are filled with giant novels Munching on some low fat waffles Bridge Chorus Chorus I hope you like this song Cheers!
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