Misc Unsigned Bands - Death By Monkeys - Monkey Vigilante tab

Song: Monkey Vigilante
Band: Death By Monkeys
Tuning: Standard
Written By: Andrew Rivett and Chris French


x = mute instantly

This is my band title track. It is really quite cool.

There is no guitar in the verse


e|-----|B|-----|G|-1x--| One Quick DownstrokeD|-2x--|A|-2x--|E|-0x--|
e|-----|B|-----|G|-1x--| Strum quick downstrokes at intivals of about 2 secondsD|-2x--|A|-2x--|E|-0x--|
Verse 3
^strum each chord for one line Order: Verse 1 (break) Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge Verse 2 (break) Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge Verse 3 Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge (ring-out) Lyrics Verse 1: Last night at a party got my ass kicked by a retard woke up next morning was a monkey vigilante Chorus: Coz today, it my day to yell out what im thinkin bout to tell the world just how i feel to put the past behind my back coz today, its my day my time to go on the attack (no chords) Verse 2: went out to that retards blew his head off with my shotgun then i went to the chess club killed them all with my shotgun abd now theyre gone.... Verse 3: the people i killed never had a chance tyrin to hold me back with their bare hands didnt really know when they did wring but it doesnt matter now coz i killed them all... i killed them a-a-all! I hope you like this song Cheers!
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