Misc Unsigned Bands - Nightmare - In The Room tab

this band have just formed and want to get a record deal.

hey this is puppa_dom im the lead guitarist in nightmare so this tab is perfect.
if you like this then ad me to your contacts list on pie_men_@hotmail.com
if u cant play this then u shouldn't be playing da guitar cos this is as easy as

e|--------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------|D|-000000----000000----222222----222222-|A|-555555----555555----222222----222222-|E|-333333----333333----000000----000000-| play this 3 times
e|----------------------------|B|----------------------------|G|----------------------------|D|-0-0-0-0-------0------0-----|A|-5-7-9-8-----8------8-------|E|-3-5-7-6---6------6---------| play this 2 times
play the above 2 riffs 4 times
then thats it so yeah feel free to add me and yeah we can talk
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