Misc Unsigned Bands - Death By Monkeys - Untitled tab

song: Untitled by Simple Plan - Cover
band: Death by Monkeys
tuning: standard
written by:Andrew Rivett and Chris French

This is our version of Untitled by Simple Plan.

This rendition uses 2 guitars, using these amp settings;

1. Gain = 5  |  Bass = 0 |  Middle = 2.5  |  Treble = 4  |

2. Clean Settings

Intro (Guitar 1 only)

e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------| x4D|-----6-8-10--|A|-6-6-4-6-8---|E|-4-4---------|
e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------| x2D|-----4-6-8---|A|-4-4---------|E|-------------|
Verse (Guitar 1)
e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------| Continue from intro, stop at at the end of 'lying D|-----4-6-8---| here tonight'A|-4-4---------|E|-------------|
Verse (Guitar 2) C# I open my eyes E I try to see but I?m blinded by the white light C# I can?t remember how C# I can?t remember why E I?m lying here tonight A And I can?t stand the pain C# And I can?t make it go away A No I can?t stand the pain Chorus (Guitar 1)
e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------| Start on 'me'. Stop after 'I just wanna scream' D|-----4-6-8---| A|-4-4---------|E|-------------|
Chorus (Guitar 2) E How could this happen to me C# I made my mistakes A I?ve got no where to run B The night goes on E As I?m fading away C# I?m sick of this life A I just wanna scream B How could this happen to me Verse 2 (Guitar 1) Same as verse 1. Stop after 'I wanna start this over again' Play this between 'things i've done' and 'no i cant'
Verse 2 (Guitar 2) C# Everybody?s screaming E I try to make a sound but no one hears me C# I?m slipping off the edge I?m hanging by a thread E I wanna start this over again A C# So I try to hold onto a time when nothing mattered A And I can?t explain what happened C# A And I can?t erase the things that I?ve done B No I can?t Solo (Guitar 1 only)
Chorus 2 (Guitar 2 only) Higher distortion Outro (Guitar 1 only)
e|------------|B|------------|G|------------| x3D|-----6-8-10-|A|-6-6-4-6-8--|E|-4-4--------|
Order: Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Solo Chorus 2 Outro There is the tab of our version of it. Hope you enjoy it Cheers!
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