Misc Unsigned Bands - Nation Of Damnation - Tears From Heaven tab

This is a song I wrote for my band called Nation of Damnation. It is a softer song and
should sound clean. This song is very simple I'm sure you should have no trouble with
it. It starts out in a G chord, and blah-blah, just read the tab its really simple. My
name is Alex Bruno, you can e-mail me nationguitaristdamnation@yahoo.com. (This song can
be in standard tuning or in a half step.

Riff 1e-0------------------------0-| Do this twice. On the 4 chords in a row, dob-3----------------3-3-3-3-3-| up and down strokes.g-0-------------0--0-0-0-0-0-|d-0------0----2----2-2-2-2-0-|a-2----2----3------3-3-3-3-2-|E-3--3---------------------3-|
Riff 2e-----------------| Play once.b-----------------|g----------5------|d-3h5--5/7-5--3/5-|a------5/7----3/5-|E-----------------|
Riff 3e---------------------| Play 4 times. This sounds really cool if you throwb---------------------| harmonics in there.g-7--------5/7--------|d-5--5/7-5-3/5--------|a----3/5-3------------|E---------------------|
Riff 4e-----------------| Play twice. On the last chord, it sounds better if youb-----------------| strike it a few times with up and down strokes.g------------5----|d-----7----5----5-|a---7----3------5-|E-5-------------3-|
Riff 5e--------------------| Play twice.b--------------------|g----3---------------|d-5--3--3-3/5--------|a-5--1--3-3/5--------|E-3-----1-1/3--------|
Later on I will advance the solo so e-mail me at nationguitaristdamnation@yahoo.com
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