Misc Unsigned Bands – Spinnaker - Lately tab

Tabbed by Zack Richardson
Questions- InNirvana08@aol.com
This band is registered under The Park Bench Rant but the band changed their name
and I was asked to put it under Spinnaker. Jon is signed to Badguy Wrestler Records.


Intro- Am
Am                C                  Am    C
  lately I've been writing letters to everyone 
         Am                C
trying to explain away my actions
     Am               C
and reactions to everything while I used to
  Am           C                  Am             C
romanticize my drunkenness now my bottle has run dry
             Am            C                 Am        C
the river has bled itself into the deep black ink in my pen
        Am            C              Am        C
and the bloody ink in my veins could run stone cold like 
  Am             C              Am             C
a freshly fallen snow I’ve been glowing in the dark  
                Am    C
sleeping in the park 
     Am        C         Am          C                Am
this town will tear you apart if you let burn it self down
     C             Am        C                   Am
justify rationalize its been weeks but its still weak
           C                  Am
the needle scratches holes in records
               C                   Am C    Am    C
the screech the rush it brings you to your knees 
  Am            C                   Am
a cigarette was smoking bad cause I pressed it 
      C                         Am
to my lips they were hungry for your hips 
    C       Am         C           Am               C
and impolite sex sounds nice turn off all the lights
               Am    C            Am
and don’t forget the waltz in the dark
              C                  Am    C
these are the forms that make us human
                 Am        C
in three four time
       Am         C
well I sat on the floor and I
Am            C
opened up the book
        Am             C              Am     C
the autobiography of a man dressed in black
       Am             C
and the story that he told
 Am         C               Am
of crawling into caves dark with drugs

        C                 Am           C
and lost loves and not wanting to come back
           Am      C
it was the lord he said 
Am      C
came to him and led him 
Am          C
back to the light
        Am   C         Am C
yeah the lord yeah the lord
                        Am    C
who the fuck is the lord
   Am            C        Am            C
he said that his cave was darker than a grave 
           Am           C     Am        C
and as I'm digging it I don’t doubt it 
        Am      C       Am      C
but the lord he said he came to him 
            Am       C    Am  C
and led him back to the light 
          Am            C
yeah the lord yeah the lord
                     Am     C Am C Am C Am C Am C  Am
who the fuck is the lord <3
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