Misc Unsigned Bands - The Blue Flame - Why Dont I Just Die tab

Why Dont I just Die? (the emo song)
by The blue Flame

Drop D Tuning : DADGBE

Palm muted, with slight distortion play each note twice apart from notes hammered on

e|-----------------------| B|-----------------------| G|-----------------------| D|-------7-------5-------| A|---5-------7h8---8h7h5-| D|---0-------------------|
Ending of Verse e|---------------------| B|---------------------| G|---------------------| D|---------------------| A|---------------3-2-0-| D|---X-X-X-X-----3-2-0-| no pm
Bass: G|-------------------| D|-------------------| A|-------------------| D|---0--00-3--5-32-0-|
Ending of Verse: G|-------------------| D|-------------------| A|-------------------| D|---0--00-3---XX----|
Main Riff:
Heavy Dist e|---------------------------|-----------------------------|-------| B|---------------------------|-----------------------------|-------| G|---------------------------|-----------------------------|-------| D|---------------------------|-----------------------------|-------| A|---0---5-0-0-5-0-0-7-8-7---|-5-3-2-3-2-0-3-2-0-3-2-0-3-2-|-3-2-0-| D|---0---5-0-0-5-0-0-7-8-7---|-5-3-2-3-2-0-3-2-0-3-2-0-3-2-|-3-2-0-|
Bridge Repeat Bar End 1 End 2 e|-----------------------------|---------|-------| B|-----------------------------|---------|-------| G|---7---9-7-710-7-7-9-7-710-x-|101012---|1010-6-| D|---x---x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-----|-x-x-x---|-x-x-x-| A|---5---7-5-5-8-5-5-7-5-5-8-x-|-8-810---|-8-8-4-| D|-----------------------------|---------|-------|with bass verse underneath
Bridge part 2 Repeat Bar End 1 End 2 e|---------------------------|---------|---------------| B|---------------------------|---------|---------------| G|---------------------------|---------|---------------| D|---------------------------|---------|---------------| A|---0---2-0-0-3-0-0-2-0-0-3-|-3-3-5---|-5-5-3-x-5-3-0-| D|---0---2-0-0-3-0-0-2-0-0-3-|-3-3-5---|-5-5-3-x-5-3-0-| with Heavy distortion
Verse part 3 Repeat Bars Ending 1 Ending 2 |---------------------|-------------------|-------------------|------------| |---------------------|-------------------|-------------------|------------| |---7---7-7---9---9-9-|10--101010--11--11-|-9---9-9---9-9-9---|-8--8-8-----| |---------------------|-------------------|-------------------|------------| |---5---5-5---7---7-7-|-8---8-8-8---9---9-|-7---7-7---7-7-7---|-4--4-4---3\| |---------------------|-------------------|-------------------|----------3\|With Phazer effects, and delay
Ending e|-------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------| A|---0---3-2-0-3-2-0-3-2-0-3-2-0-3-2-0-| D|---0---3-2-0-3-2-0-3-2-0-3-2-0-3-2-0-|Very Loud, and speed up while playing
Structure: Lyrics: Guitar+Bass play: Intro x4 Scream Main Riff x2 Verse: Sometimes I wonder Verse What the hell im supposed to do Going through life as a misfit, you know im not it Sometimes I think- End of Verse Chorus: Why don I just Die?! Main Riff When youre living like your dying thats you know the end is insight Why dont I just die?! When your crying your self Main Riff to sleep at night it cant be alright Why dont I just die?! When you feel really Main Riff low you know your life is going to go Why dont I just die?! If you feel like your life is too long then Main Riff + an extra "320" listen to our f***ing emo song Bass intro x3 Bridge Verse: I heard my mum and fighting today And I wanted to just Verse go away with you I felt small and insignificant, so I just thaught- Chorus Verse It doesnt seem to matter any more When death comes knoking at my door Verse part 3, with bass Suburban life just really sucks I hate how I was brought up Verse I just run out of things to say I self harm, it makes me feel Ok Verse Part 3 with out bass, I just want to stay in my room and with a drum fill at the end alone But really I feel- Ending Ending X4 Speed up Ending + Bridge part 1 x2 Bridge Part 2 compiled with TabPlayer :: http://www.simoneperandini.com/tabplayer.htm
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