Misc Unsigned Bands - The Blue Flame - Summers Day tab

You part 1;
A Summers Day 

By The Blue flame

Chords used:
C/Gmaj  870088
Em(v)    079000
E5+A    009900
C       x32010
C/B     x20010
F       133211
Em      022000
asus2   002200



Acoustic Guitar 1: C/Gmaj Em(V) C/Gmaj D D U D D U D U D U keep this rythm=E Guitar 1:- e|---8---------8---------------|-0-------0---------|-8---------8-----10-----8---|B|---------------8---8---------|-------------0-----|-------------8--------------|G|---0-----------0-----0---0---|-0-----0---------0-|-0--------------------------|D|-----------------0-----0-----|-----9-------------|----------------------0-----|A|---------7-------7---------7-|---7---------------|-------7-------7----7-----7-|E|---8---8---8-----------------|-0-----------------|-8---8---8------------------|Finger Picking, Clean, with slight Flanger Effect
AG1: asus2 D D UD D Chorus; Play slightly faster
C Same ryhtm as intro C/B e|----------------15----------15-----|--------------15------15-----| B|--13131313151313--1313151313--1313-|12121212151212--121215--1515-| G|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------| D|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------| A|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------| E|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------|
F Em e|----------------15----------15-----|--------------15------15-----| B|----------15----------15-----------|--------15----------15-------| G|--14141414--1414--14----1414--1414-|12121212--1212--1212----1212-| D|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------| A|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------| E|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------|
Verse: The same as intro, but fingerpick more notes into each bar. The top note also changes. Structure: Intro Verse: C/Gmaj Remember how it used to be Em With me and you C/Gmaj Just laid back in the garden, Em with nothing to do C/Gmaj With out a care in the world, Em Save each other C/Gmaj We both knew then, Asus2 Our love had been discovered Chorus c C/B Yeah baby, you know its true F Remember the good times Em All because of you C C/B Yeah baby, on that summers day F When all our troubles Em Were fading away Verse C/Gmaj Remember Em That walk in the park C/Gmaj We stayed there for ages Em until it got dark C/Gmaj It was perfect Em and as we never say C/Gmaj I knew it wouldn't last Asus2 On that summers day Chorus x 2 Compiled with TabPlayer :: http://www.simoneperandini.com/tabplayer.htm
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