Misc Unsigned Bands - The Caution - Foolish Girl tab

        AAAAA G
        AAAAA GGG

Verse 1 - A                D
          Everybody was lookin' at you
           A                                 D
          Pretend you're funny but you know thats not true
              A                                 D
          But you're still dancin' like you're runnin' the show
              A                D
          And everybody just laughs at you now

Chorus -          G                            Em                  
          So you took me to that place where no-one was around
                  G                 Em
          And you tied me to that railing
                G                   Em
          You didn't even make a single sound
                      G                   Em
          But I could tell your plan was failing

          play chorus during solo

          Chorus again

Verse 2 - Your ignorance just makes me cringe
          So frustrating i could pull out my fringe
          So when you go back to your two-bob home
          Just remember why you're all alone

          Chorus Again

          Outro same as intro
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