Misc Unsigned Bands - Glued Soul - Home Sweet Home tab

'Home Sweet Home' by Glued Soul

Riff 1:

Riff 2:
Intro: Riff 1 2x Verse: C Am Looking tired, ready to drown C Am being admired, but feeling alone Riff 1 2x C Am Runnig forever, and dying slow C Am lying together, just like a crow Em Am Running together, dying crow Refrain: Riff 2 3x C A crying child Riff2 3x C Is no warning sign Em Anymore Riff 1 3x Verse: C Am Leaving the sunshine, and getting bored C Am helping out in time, kind of lord Riff 1 2x C Am Looking for crows, never ending run C Am there is no south, the lord is done Refrain 2x Improvise the outro out of Riff 1. Have fun. For questions: glued_soul@gmx.net
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