Misc Unsigned Bands - The Red Flame - Interlude tab

Writer:Matt Hare
Album:The Red Flame

#authors work#

Gtr I-(DGDGBE)-clean
Gtr II-(DGDGBE)-clean

Q Q H E E E H S S S S Q S Q S Q |-----------------------------------------------------| |-------20b-------------------------------------16h17-| |-16-18-----------------------------------16h17-------|gtrI |-----------16-18-20-22b------------16h17-------------| |------------------------12b(14)r12-------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------|
Q Q H E E E H S S S S Q S Q S Q |-----------------------------------------------------| |-------18b-------------------------------------14h15-| |-14-16-----------------------------------14h15-------|GtrII |-----------14-16-18-20b------------14h15-------------| |------------------------10b(12)r10-------------------| |-----------------------------------------------------|
W |----| |----| |----|both gtrs |----| |----| |-0w-|
Key: W=Whole Note H=Half Note Q=Quarter Note E=Eigth Note S=Sixteenth Note t=tie(w/note before) b=bend (n)=what number to bend to r=release bend(no number=release immediately) h=hammer-on p=pull-off w=whammy bar
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