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lose one's way by glued soul


Am C Em C Am Em

Am                      Em
lonesome on the lane of life
Am                      Em
never looking back to myself
Am                       Em
try to get away from the knife
Am                         Em
try to stay on the lane of life

Dust on the highway
rust on my soul
Freedom for my brain
    Em               Am
my heart is full of pain

Am                      Em
Walking on the lane of life
Am                   Em
try to see something else
Am                             E 
the knife's still there and it sells
C             D                    D7
doesnt matter cause the highway is mine


Am                      Em
Crawling on the lane of life
Am                               Em
there must be a way to change my pace, as
Am                          Em
I'm standing on the lane of life
Am                         Em
get away my heart from the knife

Refrain 2

freedom for my soul
freedom for my knife
freedom for my brain
my heart's still full of pain

Verse ( play slowly)
Am                   Em
Lying on the lane of life
Am                     Em
my soul got up and ran away
Am         C     Am               Em
there's my heart and still the knife
Am                    Em           Em
my brains got to tell me heart the truth
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