Misc Unsigned Bands - Circleslide - Little Bird tab

G                   C                Em

    Little Bird why do you cry

                  C                         G

Did you lose your wings, lose the will to fly

                  C                         Em

Did the cruel wind beat you down

              C                                  D

Down here with me on the cold, cold ground


I want to stop your tears


Stop the turning of the years


You believe itís not enough


You were meant to glide


Over someone elseís sky


You were meant to soar above

Did my love become your cage

Holding you so tight till you flew away

I donít want to let you go

You made your escape Iím just the last to know


Fly on

    Em            D         C

Iím not the right idea for you

Fly on

    Em             D

Iím not the one to keep you down

Well thats it, hope you enjoy. The bass can just play these notes too if your just
wanting to jam. Well yeah.
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