Misc Unsigned Bands - Orphan - You Belong To The Moon tab

You Belong To The Moon by Orphan
I always put a number behind the chord, to let you know in what time you should play it.
So e.g.: Em-4 is Em in 4/4

Capo on the 1st fret!
The song is in time: 4/4


E-4 D-2 A-2 x2
E-4 Dsus2


D-2 C-2 G-4 Am-4 C-4


Am7-2 C-2 D-2 Em-2 Am7-2 C-2 C-4 D-4 D-4


E-4 A-2 B-2 Cm#-4 A-4C-2 D-2 Em-4 C-4 D-4
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