Misc Unsigned Bands - Rosa - Whiskey tab

A friend of mine gave this to me and gave me permission to post these.

"Whiskey" by Rosa

E                                 B
Well the sun rose fast on his whiskey smile

         E                           B
He said goodbye to the west and hello for a while

       E                                    B          A       B
He said we don't need this town no more

E                        B
there things ahead worth seeing

               E                B
and there's trails to fill the sky

        E                     B
if we stay we're still just dreaming

       A                B
if we don't get out and ride

he said kicking dirt is just kickin dust

until you're headed fast on an outbound bus

       E                         B
and my heart is a million miles away

remember me i'm coming back

who knows how long who knows how long

            E            B
but i'm as good as gone anyway

E                       B
my feet wont tire from walking

        E                      B
and my throat will always sting

     E                               B               A
but there ain't no road that's long enough to beat me

it changes a little bit on the  "i'm as good as gone anyway" part because it's held out
longer but that's pretty much it.

The label for Rosa is Plan-It-X.  PIX is a legit record label and released one of the
first Against Me! albums.  The label's website is http://plan-it-x.com
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