Misc Unsigned Bands - Hidden Immortality - Birthday Acoustic tab

Birthday (accoustic)- Hidden Immortality
Album- Mockeries of Self-Anihilation
genre- alternative/heavy rock
tabbed by- Hayden Carter (lead Guitarist)

verse 1+2e-------------------------|--------|b-------------------------|--------|g-------------------------|--------|d-11-11--7--7--9--9--11-11|--------|a-11-11--7--7--9--9--11-11|--------|e-9--9---5--5--7--7--9--9-|----x6--|
verse 3 (very slow)e-------------------------|--------|b-------------------------|--------|g-------------------------|--------|d-11-11-7--7--9--9--11-11-|--------|a-11-11-7--7--9--9--11-11-|--------|e-9--9--5--5--7--7--9--9--|----x5--|
outro (gradually slowing down)e------------------------|b------------------------|g------------------------|d------------------------|a-11-11-7--7--9--9--11-11|e-9--9--5--5--7--7--9--9-|
order: key x=palm mute heavy intro chorus verse 1 chorus verse 2 chorus verse 3 outro Lyrics (chorus) on this day i wish you happy birthday, look into your and baby i can see your the one for me, my one and only hope you feel the same same way about me (verse 1) im glad your here with me baby i don't know what i'd do with out you (chorus) (verse 2) as the sun shines through your hair the moonlight sparkles in your eyes the world unites for your smile even if it's only for a while (chorus) (verse 3) this song was all about you just to show how much i love you i hope that we feel this way forever and that we will stay together
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