Misc Unsigned Bands - Air Fresh Peru - Milk It tab

“Milk It”
From the Restaurant Demos

Capo 1 
Chords Relative to Capo

   Gadd6  Dadd9/F#  FM7     C9/E     A

e----0-------0-------0-------0-------0--| B----3-------3-------1-------3-------2--|G----0-------2-------2-------0-------2--|D----0-------0-------3-------2-------2--|A----2-------0-------0-------3-------0--|E----3-------2-------1-------0-------0--|
Intro: Gadd6 Dsus/F# FM7 C9/E (x4) Start "ah's" after the second time through progression Gadd6 Dsus/F# we're wintering. FM7 C9/E Gadd6 oh we're just hiding out after sunrise Dsus/F# FM7 where the trees and the flowers go C9/E Gadd6 Dsus/F# F9 C9/E when summer ends. we're drinking Oh we've got all the time where the trees and the grass heat the ground when summer ends. Oh we've made ends meet. A Gadd6 oh, and miles from places that you go, oh, A Gadd6 and in that house you used to know. A our love is just like an answering machine- Gadd6 A Gadd6 gotta tear out the tape to see what it means, Ohhh (last time “yeah”) *I enjoy this song. I hope you will too*
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