Misc Unsigned Bands - Silbermond - Cant Remember tab

Tabed By:djkissick

this is a german band called silbermond this is all i know of it now
but when i figure the rest i will be sure to post it

intro (speed intermediate)e|----------------------------------------------|b|----------------------------------------------|g|----------------------------------------------|d|----7----7--------------5----5----------------| x's 2a|--------------7----7--------------5----5----5-|E|----------------------------------------------|
verse (distortion)e|----------------------------------------------|b|----------------------------------------------|g|----------------------------------------------|d|----7----7--------------5----5----------------| x's 2a|----9----9----7----7----7----7----5----5----5-|E|--------------9----9--------------7----7----7-|
if you know of this band please email me at djkissick@aol.com web link:silbermond.de
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