Misc Unsigned Bands - Junjerias Farm - Whethor Or Not tab

Junjerias Farm is a great band, i wish they were more popular!!

intro E--6---9--5---------555---------7777777777---] B-5-----------6-7---555-----4-5-7777777777---] Repeat the intro G----6--6-----------555--55-----7777777777---] 3 times D-------------------555----------------------] A----------5------5--------------------------] E--------------------------------------------]
Verse 1 E--------------------------------------------] B--------------------------------------------] G-4444-xxxx-5555-xxxx-6666-xxxx-9999-0-------] D-4444-xxxx-5555-xxxx-6666-xxxx-9999-0-------] hold open as a A-4444-xxxx-5555-xxxx-6666-xxxx-9999-0-------] whole note and E-4444-xxxx-5555-xxxx-6666-xxxx-9999-0-------] repeat 3 times
Pre-chorus E--------------------------------------------] B--------------------------------------------] hold both sets of G--------------------------------------------] 3's as whole notes D-4-8-6-5-3------------4-8-6-5-3-------------] A-4-8-6-5-3------------4-8-6-5-3-------------] E-4-8-6-5-3------------4-8-6-5-3-------------]
Chorus E----------------------------------------------------] B----------33333333-55555555----------------5--------] make the last G-22222222-33333333-55555555-22222222-55555--4---1---] set of 1's a D-22222222-33333333-55555555-22222222-55555---3--1---] powerful blast A-22222222-33333333-55555555-22222222-55555----2-1---] of a loud, you E-22222222-33333333----------22222222-55555------1---] know blast! and repeat it twice
Repeat the 1st verse cause its the same as the second verse then the next pre-chorus is the same and so is the next chorus. when the second chorus is done go right back to the pre-chorus. after the pre-chorus go right to this solo. here it is.........
Solo E-5-5-5-5-----------------------------------------] B--------6-------------------11-11-11-11-11-11----] G---------3-7-8-8-8-8-----------------------------] hold the last 11 D--------------------9--10--11--------------------] on the B as a A-------------------------------------------------] whole note. E----------------------0--0-----------------------]
after the solo go right to the chorus, repeat the chorus twice, then just do half of the pre-chorus very slowly and end it with the long D-3 do that last chord thing as a whole note. A-3 E-3
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