Misc Unsigned Bands - Lexter - You I Want tab

You, I want.. I, you need - Lexter
Tabbed by: Meh!!!
Standard Tuning: EADGBe

100% Coreect..
Pano ba yan classmates in 2H, napapadalas na ko sa site na to
This is another composition, of course by me, and obviously, inspired because of HER... 
You know who you are... haha...
But in case, you "forgot", ikaw si Iris... my inspiration...haha

Capo on 3rd Fret

[Intro/Verse] D-A-Bm-G

I lie awake, as I watch the stars fade away
I've been thinking about you all these times
As I shiver from cold, damp night
And I cant sleep away...
'Cause everytime I do, I'd dream about you and I

[Chorus] D-A-Em-G

'Cause it's you, I want and I, you need
Can you feel that my heart, for you bleeds
Can you take me away, to a place far from here
And there we could spend, all eternity

[Intro/Verse 2] D-A-Bm-G

Did you know, that you wash all my fears away
Even now, when you're far away, I feel you're very near
Oh how I wish that you'd come right here and take me away...


[Bridge] C-G-Am-G C-G-Am-F-G
Life back then was jaded But then you came and turn it around Life back then was ordinary But then you came and now, I'm in love... Hehehe... Hope you'll all like it when you hear it... haha Again, thanks to those who supported me... And to Mossimo, for my jeans and stuff... haha.. And to Iris... Kung nasa tabi kita, di sana nakagawa na ko ng 20 minute solo para sa lahat ng mga kanta ko... Layo mo kasi kaya words and rhythm lang na pipick-up ko... wahahahaa...
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