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   / Missed Call      / 
  / Withheld         /   
 / Cowboy Drugstore /
I think that this song is about the lead Guitarist, MJ's girlfriend who kept miss
calling him when the band was trying to jam. I think they wrote this song on the
day that 13 weeks and 3 days had passed since they hooked up as a couple. Itís about
how they get each others reasons for miss calling like their "own little language"..

(Bass Guitar)

Verse (Guitar)
Chorus (Guitar)
Lyrics: Verse 1 13 Weeks and 3 days I'm living in a purple haze On cloud nine with shivers down my spine Yeah that woman shes so fine Fucken glad that Claire is all mine Verse 2 1 for yes, 1 for no how we get it, I fucken wouldnt know Our own little language Like a flavour of sandwich Father, son and holy ghost Im the parasite you the host Chorus Waiting for a missed call jus another random missed call and without a doubt i wanna scream and shout jus for another missed call Verse 3 My drug of choice is to hear your voice the sweet sound of your baby noise and the small message behind the call is that i love u with my all
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