Misc Unsigned Bands - Red Degree - Where I Want To Be tab

Band: Red Degree 
Song: Where I Want To Be
Tuning: Standard ( low to high E A D G B E )

gtr.1 W/ Distortion 
Gtr.2 W/ Distortion (solo W/ wah)

Intro/verse gtr.1 (gtr.2 comes at the 2nd time with a pickslide)|--------------------||--------------------||--------------------||-9-99-555------7-77-||-7-77-333-5-55-5-55-||----------3-33------|
Chorus gtr.1 & gtr.2|----------------| |----------------------||----------------| |----------------------||----------------|2x|----------------------||-555------------| |-555------------------||-333-55-5555555-| |-333-55-555555555559--||-----33-3333333-| |-----33-333333333337--|
Solo gtr.2 W/ Wah(gtr.1 plays chorus) + o + o + o + + o + o o/+ + o + o + o + + o + o + (wah off)|-10-9-7-9-5-7---10-9-7-9-9b11-10-9-7-9-5-7---10-9-7-9-7\5-||--------------5----------------------------5--------------||----------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------||----------------------------------------------------------|
Intro 4x Verse 2x Chorus Intro 4x Verse 2x Chorus Intro 4x Solo Intro 4x verse 2x Chorus Intro 4x b=bend \=slide down +=toe o=heel enjoy
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