Misc Unsigned Bands - Zealous Twain - You Were The One For Me tab

This is Zealous Twain's second song; written By Craig Hooper


Am, Cadd9, G(G7), D, Em

Verse one

Am                       Cadd9
It was the summer time and many things were said

G (G7)                               D                Em
I was prepared to wait for you right through till the end

Am                               Cadd9
nothing in my lonely life seemed to be going right

G(G7)                    D                Em 
and then i met you and i looked into your eyes


D, G, Cadd9, Am, Em


G                              D                Em
You were the one for me, and i knew it from the start

G                            D                   Em
you were the one for me cos nothing seemed to be hard

G                             D          Em
you were the one for me and i never realised

G                                       D           Em
you were the one for me and there would be no compromise

Verse 2

Am                             Cadd9 
Should've said i loved you, si should've said i cared

G(G7)                           D               Em
Should've said i missed you, anytime you wasn't there

Am                             Cadd9
Now i'm going crazy, while you find someone new

G(G7)                       D              Em
Crying in my pillow cos i'm lonely without you

Chorus x 2 

( second chorus; one strum for each chord )
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