Misc Unsigned Bands - Gimp - Supernothing tab version 1

Artist: Gimp
Track: Supernothing
Written By: Tomas Kalnoky
Tabbed By: Matt Ward


e|--0--3--1--3--0--3--| B|--1--3--1--3--1--3--| G|--0--0--2--0--0--0--| D|--2--0--3--0--2--0--| A|--3--2--3--2--3--2--| E|-----3--1--3-----3--|
Palm MutedE|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------|D|----2-------2-------2------------------------------------------|A|3-3---3-2-2---2-0-0---0---0-2-------3-----3---------2-----0-2--|E|------------------------3-----3-1-1---1-1---1-2-3-3---3-3------|
A nice little acoustic song from the band who eventually morphed to become Catch 22, who also did a version of this song. I'm pretty sure this is right but this is my first tab so please excuse my ineptitude. Comments, Corrections? E-mail me, wibble_the_fish@hotmail.com
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