Misc Unsigned Bands - Oakdene - Sun tab

i heard you can post your own band songs on here so i thought id do one of our
well known ones for our fans so enjoy

Intro and verse guitar1 (clean)e|--------------------|b|--------------------| play this as the intro four times with the 5h6p5 on g|--2-0-2-0--0--------| the high e-string on the second guitard|-0-3-0-3--2-2-0-3-0-|a|---------3---1------|e|--------------------|
verse guitar2 (slight distortion)
e|-5h6h5-3-5-6-5-3-5-3-1-3-1-0-| x8b|-----------------------------|g|-----------------------------|d|-----------------------------|a|-----------------------------|e|-----------------------------|
Chorus (both guitars)
e|-5-----| (strum these chords and repeat four times)b|-5-----|g|-6-5-3-|d|-7-5-3-|a|-7-3-1-|e|-5-----|
repeat verse and intro Inturlude both guitars (heavier distortion)
e|-------|b|-------| strum and play several timesg|-3-5-3-|d|-3-5-3-|a|-5-3-1-|e|-------|
go back to th intro and fade away. Hope you have fun with this tab as it is a good song hi everyone who knows me kizzxXx
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