Misc Unsigned Bands - The Democracy Effect - Number Not A Person tab

Hey guess what? I wrote this song! it took me like two minutes, and part of it wasn't
even planned, I just was screwing around the first time we played it(the ringing out
part). It is REALLY easy. The chords used are:

E5 G5 A#5 A5e----------------------------------|b----------------------------------|g----------------------------------|d-2----5-----8-----7---------------|a-2----5-----8-----7---------------|E-0----3-----6-----5---------------|
During the intro and whatever you want to call the other parts this is played, you play chords shown above in that order. that is the part where it doesn't ring out, I guess could say... and if you understand the counting crap, the strumming is played like so: 1 2 3+4+ during the ringing out part, you play the chords shown at the top, but instead of going to E5, you play the G5 again. well that's about it. if you want the other tabs, email the band at Thanx to all the fans.
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