Misc Unsigned Bands - The Bachelors - Stella tab

Artist: The Bachelors
Album: Jewish (2006)
Song: Stella
Tabbed by: Skele and Key
Written by: Skele and Key
Tuning: EADGBE


Em     D                      Em              D           C#7    G
Do you think you're looking at moi just coz im drinking....Steeeeeelllllla 

  C#7       G 



G           D             A                    C 
When you're drunk and you don't know where you are,

G            D             A              C
you stop and wonder if the horizon is too far..


G          D             A                   C
When they ask you to pay up the rest of your tab,

G          D                  A              C
go for the nearest knife and wildly start to stab..

Chorus x2


Dm       Am          F                    G
Sobering up and you regret everything you done,

Dm          Am               F                        G
even though on the night you thought it could've been fun...

Chorus x2

Then Chorus x2 without words to fade out...

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